Since long before his ordination in 1986, Rabbi Disick has been a proponent of equal rights for GLBT Americans.  He has long officiated at GLBT weddings and counseled dozens of same-sex couples wishing to create what were once known as “alternative” union services.  Finally legal in the tri-state area, Rabbi Disick works closely with partners, grooms and brides, making each ceremony unique by integrating both traditional and contemporary elements which weave a careful design, one which carefully reflects the personalities of those standing under the Chuppah to celebrate their marriage.  

Rabbi Disick’s personal style is varied enough to jumpstart a party with his good cheer.  But just as easily, and without being the least bit maudlin, during a service he can recall the sacred memory of deceased members of the family who so would have loved to be standing in celebration, in a way which actually brings spiritual uplift to a sacred moment.

He usually meets three times with couples at his Greenwich office in advance of the ceremony and relies on Anita Diamant's The New Jewish Wedding  as a preparation resource for couples.